See what the press has to say about Paper Boys.

"Paper Boys is a delightful new web series that takes the sometimes harsh reality of being a confused millennial trying to juggle love, a career, and a new city, and spices it up with a bit of magic to make it all the more captivating."


"A promising endeavor...Kyle Cabral stars and is quite watchable and likable."

"A breath of fresh air to just be simply entertained."

"It’s fun, sexy and a unique way to look at the gay world of twentysomethings."

"The show is promising, a romantic dramedy with a touch of magical realism and high production values. As an added bonus it features a queer person of color as the lead!"

"I really like it so far and definitely recommend checking it out!"

It's not the typical set-up for a web series at all, and the acting, writing, and beautiful camera work are truly on a different level all together!

"Paper Boys is only two episodes in and already it’s a a stunning looking, sounding and feeling show."

"It...does impressive cinematic justice on a small budget, but more importantly it feels relatable for combining gay and straight characters into something resembling real life."